Single origin tea.

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Single origin tea.

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Tokyo tea guide

Highlights of our favourite tea shops and tea bars during our trip to Tokyo, where we learnt a lot more about the subtleties of Japanese tea that we had never explored before.

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A day trip to Obubu tea farm in Kyoto, Japan

Learning about Japanese green tea at Obubu’s “Heavenly Tea Fields” in Wazuka, Kyoto.

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How to cold brew tea: featuring Endeavour Breakfast

Despite the intimidating sound of the name, the cold brew method is perhaps the most straightforward of all. 

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Where our tea comes from

Just like coffee and wine, tea is a complex agricultural product that is the lovechild of applied science and human creativity. Primarily, a tea is defined by which of the six styles it belongs to, such as black, green, white, yellow, oolong or fermented. And while all tea comes from the same plant genus: Camellia sinensis, it is the terroir that truly shapes the attributes of tea. This means the environmental conditions such as climate, soil, rainfall, altitude and the season in which the tea leaf is picked and processed.

We source choice quality teas direct from the place of origin including India, Sri Lanka, Australia, China, Japan and Korea. No matter what you select from our range, you'll always receive fresh tea from passionate merchants.

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