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What a delight it was to be host for our launch party at The Hop and Grain Brew Store! In keeping with the season, we focused on autumnal and Australian native themed desserts, teas and floral arrangements. All details were considered in flavour and presentation, right down to the scattering of preserved fruits and nuts garnishing the dessert table. 

We provided iced and warm teas from our launch and as yet unreleased collection, including Cherry Sour and Tropical Slice on-tap as well as Endeavour Breakfast and Lady Rose served warm. Sniffer pots were placed next to the packaging of each product to aid our guests in learning more about what goes into each blend.  

We were honoured to receive floral arrangement and decoration by Helen of Lime Tree Bower, who provided lovely native floral arrangements including paper daisies, gums and berries. 

Guests were treated to a feast of the senses with a smorgasbord of delectable treats prepared by the ever-talented Sally of Simmer and Boyle. Each dessert was carefully paired with an accompanying tea to augment the natural characteristics of the brew.

Ruby red Cherry Sour was a veritable crowdpleaser on the day, with many guests returning for second or third helpings from the dispenser. It was sublimely complemented by chocolate macarons with gorgeously crisp shells sandwiching a decadent sour cherry ganache. 

Tropical Slice was equally well received and complemented by the extraordinary sablés, a melt-in-the-mouth toasted coconut shortbread with a gooey caramel centre. 

A cup of Endeavour Breakfast and a piece (or two) of blood orange-studded chiffon cake was the order of the day for many guests. Fluffy layers of sponge with a hint of citrus and garnished with toasted almond made for a memorable treat.

Last but not least, silky smooth passionfruit bavarois matched wonderfully to the apple-spice Lady Rose and peach-scented Summer Sonnet

Overall, we couldn't have asked for a better kick-off to the beginning of Endeavour Tea than with the fine company we had on the day.

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