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Our year ahead in 2017 — Endeavour Tea

At Endeavour Tea, we pride ourselves on our adherence to our values. 2016 saw us launch in April in Sydney, move to Canberra as our permanent home and place of business in May, launch a refined packaging system in August, and start appearing at Canberra markets from September to December. It was a gruelling year full of road travel, packing and unpacking the car, settling into our new city and pace of life, meeting new friends, clients and customers, and making further plans for growing the business. In 2017, we hope to continue improving ourselves, led by a values-based priority list:


We operate on the basis of trust with our wholesale and retail customers with the assurance that each purchase is an investment in a quality product and is directly supporting the dreams of a passionate, young tea blending and sourcing startup. We started out fresh from tea education school with a few ideas, a couple of blends and a general roadmap, and have so far delivered what we feel is a solid foundation into loose leaf tea and tisane blends.

In addition to our blended teas and tisanes, we hope to supplement our range with single-origin artisan teas from renowned and bespoke tea estates, as a means to providing more holistic tea experience for our customers.


Education remains our priority for the upcoming year and into the future of Endeavour Tea. We hope to share the entire narrative around the modern tea experience by bringing up the history of tea, learning and teaching about tea appreciation and widening the general understanding of the diversity of tea that is available to us. As we work on educating ourselves, we will apply this knowledge through future workshops and informational blog posts for the avid consumer to become better engaged in the conversation around tea in the current age. Watch this space for more news on that!


Despite our size, the volume of our purchasing has increased, and subsequently so have the discounts we receive from our suppliers. Rather than absorb all the profit, we are very pleased to have passed on our first price reduction to our wholesalers in this years price list. It is now more affordable than ever to stock many of our teas, particularly the blends Endeavour Breakfast and Endeavour Afternoon. We feel that rewarding our wholesale customers for their loyalty is the best possible thing we can do.


On the topic of provenance, our dried fruits, herbs and botanicals are still sourced exclusively from Australian merchants and whenever possible owing to seasonality and price stability, Australian grown and organic as well. Most recently, we connected with Torry Hill Orchard based in Young, NSW, who provide us with a seasonally-appropriate supply of cherries that make it into our Cherry Sour blend. As for our products themselves, we are working on introducing new content that goes into detail about the story behind our blends, including what makes them special and why we have selected the teas and accompanying ingredients.

We spoke briefly about our packaging and what makes it unique. All of our labelling is printed in Australia, with calligraphy, artwork and packaging sourcing carried out by our creative director Jasmin Wong. The signature kraft tube is the standout for its high durability, versatility as a stylish object in the home or commercial premises, and even the fine, toothy finish of its exterior. You may be interested to know that these are manufactured in Victoria, Australia and use premium materials that are made to order. Similarly, our kraft bags are also sourced from Victoria, and use a higher grade of kraft material than last year's supplier.


We couldn't have made it so far without the help of our friends, clients, and customers who saw something in us from the very beginning, who have lent their support despite us appearing out of the blue via email and face-to-face meetings. Our friends who have cheered us from our former home of Sydney; newfound friends who've helped us settle in comfortably in Canberra. Clients who appreciate our message, are gracious when we make mistakes, and who provide feedback for our improvement. For those, we're extremely grateful. However, we couldn't be here without you, dear reader and customer, to give us a reason to reflect on why we are doing this. The tea industry is not an easy place for a fledgling business as we have slowly discovered along our journey, but with you the path is infinitely easier.

Here's to another great year in 2017!

—Matthew & Jasmin

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