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The classic English Breakfast blend is perhaps the world's most popular black tea blend after Earl Grey. The origin of the first English Breakfast blend is hotly debated, with the most common explanation that the blend actually came about in 1843 by Richard Davies, a tea merchant from New York. A combination of the coarse harvested tea leaves Congou, Pekoe and Pouchong are said to have made up the first blend. 

Over the years there have been many adaptations of the first breakfast tea recipe to suit local tastes just like our house blend, Endeavour Breakfast: a modern take on a classic favourite. Brimming with character, but humble enough for a morning pick-me-up, Endeavour Breakfast is a blend of fine orthodox-style black teas from renowned estates. With respect to the way the modern tea drinker starts their day with a busy morning, this blend was made to deliver plenty of upfront strength and character just like your first coffee, all the while matching your expectation of a quality cup of tea with its strength and complex profile of flavours. On offer is a quality Assam 'Dejoo Estate' SFTGFOP is used as the base black tea, delivering a brisk and full-bodied drinking experience with a lingering maltiness. The complementary Kenyan Millima and Kenilworth Estate BOP1 of Sri Lanka offer all-round colour and strength, bringing a welcome sweetness and hint of spice.

During the recipe formation and cupping process, we made that Endeavour Breakfast stands out even with a dash of milk or sugar, but when enjoyed straight, is equally as enjoyable with none of the unpleasant tannic flavour or bitterness associated with lower grade breakfast blends. Endeavour Breakfast is one of our customer's favourite tea blends for its delicious, familiar flavour and we have no doubt that it will become one of your favourites, too.

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