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Iced tea concentrate recipe — Endeavour Tea

If you've ever wanted to make your own iced tea beverage based on seriously delicious gourmet flavours, you've come to the right place. This is one of our tried-and-true recipes for a concentrate that is so simple and versatile. Once you have made your concentrate, it can be served hot or cold, straight up or blended blended with your favourite clear alcohol or soft drink, made into a popsicle mix, a fruity punch, or even a mocktail or cocktail. The possibilities are endless!

We've used Cherry Sour in this recipe, however it is also suited to our other fruit-based tea or tisanes blends, such as Tropical SliceSummer SonnetLady Rose, and Orange Brûlée. To create your own concentrate, simply substitute the water for still, sparkling or soda water to create the beverage of your choice. 

Ruby red in colour, puckering sour-sweet in flavour and as refreshing as nothing you've ever tried before, it is easy to understand why Cherry Sour is such a crowd pleaser. Inspired by grenadine, a non-alcoholic bar syrup, this tantalising tisane is as versatile as it is delicious. The best part is that Cherry Sour contains only organic ingredients with nothing artificial, no caffeine and is sweetened only with organic stevia leaf. For an extra special touch, add in a fresh sprig of mint and garnish with your favourite seasonal fruits. With no added sugar, no caffeine and being a source of Vitamin C, you can enjoy this concentrate guilt-free.


Makes 1 litre.

  • 4 tsp (10g) tea or tisane blend, such as Cherry Sour 
  • 300mL boiling water
  • 700mL still, sparkling or soda water
  • Mint leaves (optional)

Measure loose leaf tea and add to a 1L teapot or jug. 

Iced tea recipe — Endeavour Tea
Steep in 300ml boiling water at the recommended steeping time.

Iced tea recipe — Endeavour TeaStrain into a jug and add 700ml filtered, sparkling or soda water.

Iced tea recipe — Endeavour TeaChill thoroughly. Add in mint leaves and a twist of citrus (optional) before serving.

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