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Over the past few months, post-launch, Jasmin and I have been refining our creative vision of Endeavour Tea and its product offerings. We decided to focus on value, choice and versatility. As a result, we are very happy to release three new products: Kraft Tubes, Tea Chests and Tea Bundles.

The Kraft Tube

The Kraft Tube is wholly new, imagined by us to be a recyclable tea canister made of durable and tactile cardboard. It is perfect as a gift or as a pantry item sitting proudly on your shelf. We also thought about our customers using the Kraft Tubes until they were battered and soft — the contents of our existing 50g tea pouches fit perfectly inside a tube when you're due for a refill.

The Tea Chest

The Tea Chest is also new. It contains two Kraft Tubes and is meant to be a gift for the tea-lover in your life, or as a high quality and thoughtful gift when you're not sure what to get. For now, it's available in combinations of our most popular tea blends: Everyday and Cocktail. We wanted them to be extra special—the labels feature brush lettering by Jasmin finished in a copper hot foil press.

Tea Bundles

Tea Bundles are three of your favourite teas offered in collections, with an applied bulk discount.

Design direction

When we began Endeavour, we set our design direction in a highly typographic and functional aesthetic. Not much has changed: we kept all the text—much of the feedback was that you loved the writing on the product, it increased anticipation—and tweaked the layout, added some colour to allow each product to shine.

With this new product launch we further refined the style and tone of our copywriting and product design. Most importantly, we sourced Australian-made packaging to accommodate a new line of products. 

Smooth but tactile, durable and aesthetically minimal, kraft paper is our material of choice, integral to all of our products. From our refill pouches and tubes through to our gift box, our choice of kraft paper also comes from a core commitment to sourcing an easily repurposed and recycled material, minimising the environmental impact of our packaging. 

During this design process we have remained mindful that product design is a function in itself to complement the contents within, rather than a distraction from its inherent quality. 

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Beautiful! Where do you source the kraft tubes packaging through? They look excellent.

Mar 02, 2017

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