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Endeavour Tea Orange Brûlée tisane

As part of our culinary crossover into the marvellously diverse world of tea and fine food, we set ourselves the task of coming up with a memorable and personally inspired tisane for our Signature collection. Inspired by cooking school lessons in classic French pastry and dessert making, Orange Brûlée is delicious and full-flavoured; a sweet tooth soother without the sugar or calories. When brewed, the cup is filled with a bright and clear throw of orange colour, with an gentle spiciness and perfume of warm citrus. We’ve savoured it during the cooler weather in a delicious warming mug, and served it as a quick summer tonic with crushed ice and a hearty dash of rum.

On offer is a tempting array of whole ingredients including dried whole vanilla bean, pulverised orange peel, freshly ground ginger and cardamom, and a pinch of stevia leaf to offset the earthiness of the other ingredients in the blend. The base ingredient, South African red bush (rooibos), lends a spicy, fruity element and delivers all-round body and taste. With no added flavouring, colouring, sugar or caffeine, we sought to create the vision of the dessert in the most natural way possible.

Endeavour Tea — Orange Brûlée tisane

As far as a bespoke concept-driven recipe goes, Orange Brûlée was one of the more challenging blends to perfect. With the first few iterations of the recipe, the pungency and spiciness of cardamom and ginger overpowered the sweetness of the orange and the subtlety of the vanilla. You could argue that on first glance, orange, cardamom, ginger and vanilla seem like an ill-fitting quartet. But after many revisions, we feel that we’ve succeeded in harmonising the components to achieve a tisane that expresses an irresistible combination of sweet, spicy and creamy... just like the real thing. 

Orange Brûlée

Available for purchase as 50g kraft tube or 50g refill bag

Recipe: Orange Brûlée with dark chocolate ganache and candied peel

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