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Tropical Slice granita

Treat your guests with home-made Tropical Slice granita with lychee, a shaved ice dessert that is fat free and full of summer fruit flavour. In this recipe, we steep the tea little bit longer and at a slightly higher concentration to allow the wonderful mango, coconut and sencha flavours to come through.

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Teh tarik with Endeavour Breakfast

There's nothing quite like enjoying an intensely strong, milky cup of Assam-based tea, a slice of buttered toast and a couple of soft boiled eggs as a hearty breakfast meal. This is a description of a typical indulgence for Jasmin and I when visiting Singapore and Malaysia. The beverage is called...

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Ice-brewed sencha

Got a few hours to spare on a super hot day? While iced and cold brew teas hold their own appeal, there is something irresistible about the simplicity of ice brewed green tea. Take a handful of ice cubes, a teaspoon full of your favourite, quality Japanese-style green tea and...

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Earl Grey Condé with Masala Chai Poached Pear

Whatever you name it, and however you pronounce it, there is simply no other dessert quite as satisfying nor as versatile as the humble rice pudding. Just about every nation on Earth has a variation incorporating local preferences and flavours such as cinnamon quills, lemon peel, alcohols, preserved fruits and even vegetable gums.

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Make your own: Chamomile and spearmint herbal tisane

Ever thought of making your own herbal blend but not really sure where to start? Homemade herbal teas or tisanes (the proper term, pronounced “tee-sahn”) make great gifts for friends, family, or enjoyed just by yourself. All it takes is a little bit of patience, some basic equipment, a good dose of imagination and some quality ingredients.

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