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Hi friends, it’s Jasmin here, writing a packaging update. How is it almost August?!

Despite the literally freezing mornings in Canberra, this is actually my favourite time of the year from a business perspective. The cooler months are an opportunity for Matthew and I to review the business together, line up strategy and work on ways to introduce you to launches and announcements in the upcoming months.

Endeavour Tea — The Everyday tube — loose leaf tea and tisanes made in AustraliaOne of our 2017 goals made earlier this year was to pass along supply cost reductions to our customers. We’ve had some trouble doing so with our signature kraft tube, which is custom-made in Australia and rolled using two inner and outer tubes each for the body and lid. They’re our hallmark but unfortunately also cost quite a bit to manufacture, especially for micro businesses like us who can only order in short runs. Thankfully, our customers and stockists so far have been very appreciative of our efforts to keep things local and have adopted the tubes into their lives and retail stores.

The above preamble is the reason I’m so excited to introduce new packaging for the 50g tube. Here it is! We’re christening it the Everyday tube.

It will become the little sister to our signature kraft tube, now bumped up to 100g. The Everyday tube has a shorter profile with the same diameter, fitting a 50g package more snugly as a result. The tube is also manufactured in Australia and uses only one inner tube, with black metal plugs for the top and bottom, keeping the product fresher.

Our current product line-up, in a tidy row; you’ll also find this infographic assisting you on individual product pages, helping you make your choice:

Endeavour Tea — product line up: 50g, 100g tubes and refills

In short: New 50g tubes, same awesome blends, lower prices. That’s how we roll (pun intended). Now go explore our shop!

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