All natural loose leaf teas & tisanes, direct from plantation. Hand-blended and packed in Australia.

Endeavour Tea: made by hand in Australia

Endeavour Tea is a tea company based in Canberra, Australia. With combined experience in design and culinary pursuits, Jasmin and Matthew passionately provide a unique perspective on the modern tea experience. 

More than just a tea shop, Endeavour is an advocate for Australia's adoption of fine tea and tea culture through supply and education of specialty loose leaf tea, teawares, workshops and events. The current range includes delicious classic favourites as well as a range of unique dessert and cocktail inspired blends.

Over time, we aspire to expand our range to encompass specialty tea from around the world, as well as share and educate customers about the whole story about appreciating leafy grade tea. As we see it, the thrill and the challenge is navigating the ocean's depth of different forms and qualities of specialty tea: from the terroir that imparts flavour and character, to the laborious craft of sourcing, processing, shaping and preserving the leaves, through to its complex history that has intersected time and culture around the world.


Our loose leaf blends are prepared and packaged by hand using our proprietary recipes after a detailed tasting and cupping process. They are developed in-house and handmade locally in Canberra.

Preserving the flavour of the base tea is important in our blends, meaning that we don’t use artificial flavouring, nor do we add sugar or artificial sweeteners. Instead, we use tea from quality estates, organic spices, herbs and botanicals, along with natural flavours and organic stevia leaf.

Some might call this a tall order, but for us, it’s a part of a commitment to endeavour every day.

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Endeavour Tea team: Jasmin Wong and Matthew Petrucci Matthew Petrucci, Certified Tea Blender & Founder
Matthew is a qualified chef, lifelong tea aficionado and avid urban gardener. Originally from Sydney, he has fond memories of visiting both his Italian grandmothers’ homes as a child, being fed delicious homemade food from pots simmering on their stoves and mucking around in the garden during all seasons.

Jasmin Wong, Designer & Photographer
Jasmin is a designer and art director with a love for aesthetic and simplicity. Her background is in interface design, but that has recently extended to packaging and printed collateral in her work for Endeavour.

Team photo by Lean Timms.

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