Earl Grey

Earl Grey
Earl Grey Earl Grey

Our Earl Grey is a classic blend of fine quality, organic Ceylon BOP1 black tea and natural bergamot crafted by the Harrington Tea Estate. A mid-elevation plantation (approx. 1,344 metres above sea level), the characteristics of this tea have been shaped by monsoonal rains, dry winds and mild evenings; elements that form the distinct terroir of the central region of Dimbula, Sri Lanka.

The beautiful slightly curled jet-black long leaf is artfully blended with striking blue cornflower for grand aesthetic effect. When brewed, this blend yields a bright liquor with an inviting smoothness and bergamot aroma. Light in strength yet full flavoured, it makes a perfect cup for any time of the day.

With this tea you can be certain of the plantation's commitment to traditional harvesting and processing techniques, ensuring the synergy between the skill of the workers', respect for the land and honour for the hard work of the tea bush itself!

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Serving instructions: Steep 1 tsp per 200mL in freshly boiled water for 3-4 minutes.

Ingredients: Organic Ceylon black tea (BOP1) with natural bergamot, wildcrafted cornflowers (Albania, Italy).