Golden Jin Jun Mei


Origin: Huanggang Shan (Mount Huanggang), Fujian Province, Southeast China

Cultivar: Fuyun No. 6 Plucking: 10th April 2017

Taste: Dark honey, semi-sweet cacao, toast.

Style: Black tea

Pairing: Toffee

Also known as "Golden Steed Eyebrow", this prized black tea is comprised entirely of hand-picked spring tea buds, which transform into a characteristic golden caramel colour and twisted shape when fully processed. The fine twisted shape and black-and-gold hue of this tea is said to resemble anointed eyebrows.

The tea bushes grow 1,000+ metres above sea level situated atop Mount Huanggang, the highest peak of the UNESCO World Heritage listed Wuyi Mountains. Processing involves withering, rolling and gradual oxidation over a period of up to 10 hours. The tea is ultimately made shelf stable with a moderate baking process.

An excellent breakfast tea, and a real treat for the sweet tooth. This 'Golden Jin Jun Mei' is vibrant and full-bodied at first, with a strong floral and honey character, along with a hint of cacao. The finish is brief, with delicious fleeting notes of toast and malt.