Organic Rooibos

Organic Rooibos
Organic Rooibos Organic Rooibos

Organic loose leaf South African rooibos (Red bush) is consumed as a herbal tisane. It is often prepared and served in a similar way to black tea; either straight or with the addition of milk, sugar or honey. 

Naturally caffeine free, low in tannin and high in ascorbic acid (Vitamin C). Rooibos may assist in alleviating mild gastric complaints.

Serving instructions: Serve one teaspoon per 250ml. Brew with freshly boiled water for 2-5 minutes, or according to taste.

Anatomy of a blend: A rich, flavourful brew with a deep amber cup. Presents a nutty flavour with a hint of fruitiness. 

Ingredients: Organic rooibos/South African red bush (South Africa).

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